Welcome to Roeber Custom Designs

Are you looking to design your house or rooms to give a brand-new fresh look!

Roeber Custom Designs has been in the interior design business for over 20 years. Roeber can bring your old house back to life again with a new design and fitting. Needs ideas about what to do with that room? Refurbishing a house or an entire hotel. Roeber will give you the fantastic look that make your friends envy your new redesign.

We are designs specialist who can help you turn the imagination into reality. Sometimes it does not require entire renovation and less hassle than you might expect. Only a renew of some major parts will be able to bring you a different view. With our suggestion, most parts of your house can be change into what you are looking for at a minimum time and effort. We also connect you with some product and service providers who offer high quality service at reasonable price.

OK, so where to start?

First of all, remove all the unwanted and give your place a deep cleaning. Cleaning of your place will make it neater and already be given your place a fresh look. However, sometime cleaning is difficult when you are not professional. Therefore, if you are looking responsible and professional cleaner in your local area, end of lease cleaning company will be your prefect choice. They specialist in both house cleaning service and end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne. Their service has been 5 stars for many years. Cleaners are personal interviewed and regularly trained to ensure customer received the best cleaning service possible. Furthermore, end of lease cleaning company offers disinfection antiviral sanitation service to both household and commercial. This service will organically sanitise any surface such as beach top, desk, chair etc. Also, it will form an invisible protective layer on the surface for prolong antiviral function.

Time to start with the largest area, floor.

Whether you are leaning to towards timber flooring for a warm home feeling or tile flooring for more classy outlook, your choice will make a big impact of the overall atmosphere as flooring account for the most area of your house. Because of that, when deciding what material to use and colours, it will be a good idea to ask for professional help. With the wide range of flooring selection to choose from, keratin smoothing Maribyrnong is your go to place for onsite flooring advises. Warehouse is located Clayton and stock a wide range of tile and timer floor in various colours. Their in-house adviser will provide suggestion on what type of materials and colours to achieve your imagination. In case you are going to do the whole project by yourself, they also stocked many tools and equipment for beginners.

Now the smaller items, furniture.

Many people will buy band new furniture to replace old one. And that is where the cost control should come in. Nowadays, the price of furniture is not cheap especially we can easily get lure away by import furniture from places like Italy. Also new furniture does not mean that the quality is as good as those old one. Therefore, instead of spending money over new ones, we can renew those good old one especially the memorable ones with half or as little as one third of the cost.

Have your favourite comfortable chair that is seen old but memorable? Do not junk it, reupholster it! At Roeber Custom Designs, we can give your favourite furniture the new life that it needs. Instead of throwing out old things and replace with new ones, we can bring your old furniture back to life again with a new fabric and padding. Our professional staff offers very best in upholstery, window treatments, designer fabrics, custom cabinets, and unique accessories. We offer free estimates. Pickup & delivery are available too! With Steve Roeber and the team at Roeber Custom Designs, you can expect the best in Interior Design.

We also have a wide collection of fabrics, window treatments, drapery, blinds, shutters, lighting and lamp fixtures, artwork, and mirrors, and most of all experience! Need custom cabinets done, new countertops, flooring, then our professional can service you as well.

Do you have a family heirloom that you cannot throw out, but you can not display? Call us today to bring it back to life. Roeber’s work is beyond compare and we are fast, courteous, and professional

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